One aspect of the axle replacement that did not get completed the first weekend was the installation of shock absorbers. The reason for this was that I waited too long to purchase the shocks, couldn’t get them locally and had to order them.  I ended up ordering them from and they arrived the week following the installation of the axles.

There is some disagreement about the necessity of shock absorbers with torsion axles. The professional I rely on for advice is Colin Hyde of Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations in Plattsburgh, NY and the VAP (Vintage Airstream Podcast). He puts them on trailers he restores, Airstream still puts them new trailers, so I did too.

I understand that some torsion axle manufacturers don’t, or even won’t, put the shock mounts on their axles, but Axis will, Colin does it, and I did it.

I enlisted the help of mechanic extraordinaire, Andrew Dietz to once again help me with this project. He came over Saturday at noon. This time I just wanted him to walk me through one install and I would do the rest.

The install went very well and by Sunday morning at 10:00 I had all of them installed!

Below are photos of the finished install.


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